2024 Team AP

Take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with our team!

Brent Guest


There once was a man named Brent,
Whose quest for Rangoon was intent.
He searched high and low,
Through rain and through snow,
Till he found the best, heaven-sent.



Mattchew Campbell


Mattchew may seem like a quiet guy who just goes with the flow, but spending one day with him at a course work day will show different. Noone focuses on the quality and safety of an installation like Matt does, he is the driving force that keeps us working towards the best product. Never one to shy away from problem solving, most of our projects wouldn't be where they are without his dedication and ingenuity. Matt always lectures us about titles and how he doesnt need a title to do good work within the club, but you would have to shoot me to take away his Captain status. Supported by 2 beautiful dogs and a super cool wife, Matt is the glue who holds us together. I mean, who else is going to lecture everyone about texting and driving?


Dean Hass

Asst Captain

Dean joined the team in 2023 by messaging me and listing the 20 things he wanted to do in 2023. From building courses, to clinics, to upgrading baskets, he joined the team to ensure that we were pushed to our limits… Little did I know he expected half of it to be done, but by god we did it all. The hardest thing with any organization that is dealing with 20 projects, 66 teammates, 30 events, and 12 municipalities is organizing, and Dean has allowed us to develop plans and enact those plans through a plethora of spreadsheets. Between tracking facebook comments for orders to organizing brents ramblings in group chat, nothing calls through the cracks when Dean is involved, it is an absolute blessing to have his focus and dedication on our team.


James Preston

Asst Captain

Preston is going to show up 5 minutes late, and outwork everyone for the day. His love for Goldenrod is unparalleled, and if you are at leagues at Goldenrod and he isn't there, just know something terrible has happened… Usually spotted on the course with Uncle Brian, playing with James is never a boring time. He has the ability to help us plan for the future, and keep comradery up among the teammates. 2024 is going to be where he shines with managing the team and propelling us forward.


Jeff Johns

Asst Captain

There is something satisfying about a 6'3" male model's nickname being big ugly. When it comes to integrity, not many people can touch Jeffrey. Since we were young he was always the go to when you needed support, luckily he found a family unit that matches him. Always focused on his family unit and his relationship with the Lord, his free time being gifted to us and our goals is a gift. Thank you for helping us plan, thank you for helping us stay on track, thank you for asking the hard questions, thank you for being there when you can, thank you. 

 Kristopher Taylor

Asst Captain

Out of the woodwork in Kentucky came a knight in shining armor. Lots of experience with clubs and teams in disc golf, Kris approached us about really pushing himself in the administrative capacity to help us organize (and proofread) for projects. A success in his own career, he is looking to bring his flair for functionality to Above Par, and we couldn't be more grateful. 

Andrew Wilson

Andrew has been playing disc golf longer than I have been alive. He will also be the first person to ace all 11 holes at Cramton DGC, I think he already has 7.  If he didn’t work so much it would have already been done. He constantly comes with a positive attitude, and apologizes when he needs to work because he enjoys helping out that much. Such a good human. He is always bringing friends gifts, and lending a hand in anything he possibly can. His favorite goons lie at New China Buffet in Imlay City so Brent will more than likely be taking a road trip in the near future.


Blake Galesk

Blake Galesk is an excellent disc golfer, even when he is educating his peers on the intricacies of rap music. His favorite disc golf course is McCurdy park which is maintained by our good friend Ian! Blake is another excellent example of disc golfers that only have a fraction of my experience, yet are insanely good; he is 935 rated after only three years of playing! He is shooting to be 985 rated this year, so look for him shredding at the course and teaching us peasants at ABP clinics.


Brad Toth

We were fortunate enough to meet Brad at one of our volunteer days, and he just kept showing up and helping us everywhere we went. Watching him filet lines at Holly Woods quickly earned him the nickname “Sniper,” and I look forward to each and every round with him. Brad enlightened me on the fact that it takes a single drop of water 90 days to travel the length of the Mississippi river. His favorite player is the Michigan wonder kid and US Champion Kyle Klein, and his favorite course is just a few hours away at Idlewild in Kentucky. Brad is so kind and humble, and we are lucky to have him.


Brandon Blankenship

A classy man, Brandon Blankenship wants everyone to know that pineapple does go on pizza and a hot dog is a sandwich because it goes between two pieces of bread. Playing alongside Brandon for these few years has been a pleasure.  It’s been an inspiration to watch him go from Am4 to nearly rating out of Am3. A great father and friend who doesnt hesitate to be the big teddy bear on the course, but get ready to laugh at the ridiculous stickers on his cart. He wants everyone to know that with time, all things get better, and I think that sums up the positive attitude that he always carries himself around with. Hopefully he wins a chance to disc golf with Bert “The Machine” Kriescher this year at the DGLO tournament.


Brett Myers

Kermit is everything Above Par tries to be as a one man army. He helped us get Cramton in the ground, started a free league focused on community building, and dives for discs and returns every single one to its owner. He is everything positive in the sport as a single person, and tries to constantly elevate everyone around him. What Kermit wants to know most is: is it spelled disc, disk, or disque?


Brian Spears

You had better hope that Brian is meeting you at the disc golf course and not your front door, serving you with court documents. However, he refuses to serve those named James as he believes in his heart of hearts that it is a made up name that doesn’t exist. If you’re a James, I hate to be the one to tell you, but he thinks you are not real. If you’re not a James, then feel free to ask Bryan all of your cardboard box related questions.


Bri Byrski

Brianne is one of the most down to earth humans you will ever meet. She's a humanitarian, animal lover, and she's trying to save the world, one puppy dog at a time. As she loves her dogs, Sir Bentley, Hyzer, Scooby, Odie, the Genesee County Animal Control... It's Tito that holds the key to her heart. 🗝 ❤️
Taylor Swift is another love of hers, and if you have a connection, hook a girl up. Hollywood Stock ✌️ and Rounds for Hounds are her favorite events, and her goal rating for this year is 750! Brianne is a high school teacher who donates her time, more than most even know! If it isn't helping animals,or in the classroom, she's helping on a course! To lure her into a white van, you just need Sweet Tart Ropes and puppy dogs 🐕 🐾 😉


Caleb Szukhent

Caleb only has one fatal flaw, he cheats and throws with his left hand. Obviously this leads to Chris Clemons being his favorite pro disc golfer. Recently married, he has been an integral part of our team and we love to have him. If he isn’t working, he is down to help, down to throw, and down to show you why throwing with your right hand is throwing with your wrong hand. Seriously, he plays almost every day on his lunch break.  No wonder he gets better every time you see him. If he could play with anyone, he would choose Ed Headric and get a better perspective on the beginnings of our sport, and where his head was at when everyone else doubted him. Will Nate, Kyle, and I forgive him for not saying us? Honestly, I don’t know… this one hurts… 


Cassidy Spears

We were fortunate enough to meet Cassidy at Brighton Rec when we were evaluating for required maintenance last year. From there on out, he made sure to support anything we had going on at his local course, including workdays. His favorite pro is the new and improved Simon Lizotte, throwing the premium Michigan made MVP discs. Yet if his post-mortem ashes were put into a disc, he wants it to be the iconic Discraft Buzz. If he had his way, he would be flinging a zone through the woods with Robin Williams and laughing the whole way. 


Chad Prater

When Chad applied for the team, he was concerned that he wouldn’t have enough time to dedicate to the club, yet he has quickly become a key member. He picks up courses every time he steps foot on them and has his sights set on installing a new course in Linden. Will he get a course next to his house before Grand Blanc despite two captains living there? Quite possibly, but we know he will treat that course with the love and respect it will deserve. Keep your eyes out for work days with him in the near future. I know that I will be there for sure. Wise words from Chad: ”All the hard times and struggles build you into the person you are today and have put you where you are, so be grateful for those growing moments”. 


Chris Wong

Chris Wong is one of the friendliest and kindest faces around the disc golf community. He has taken the knowledge of years of form work and playing with the top professionals in our area and condensed it into lessons for other players in the area. He also donates his time and money to upgrade the clinics, helping us take them to the next level this year. Whether he is throwing a putter a country mile, running a local league night, or teaching someone who has never thrown before, he carries himself with high values, and we are incredibly lucky to have him. 

Chris Wood

 A man of the woods, you can usually find Chris in the woods at Holly either looking for a disc or doing course maintenance. His selflessness when it comes to volunteering is unparalleled, often planning down time from work to work on courses. Chris was enthusiastic to apply for the team, and was even more excited when accepted. He is the type of person we are looking for, he makes us better.


Cija Case

Never one to shy away from a work day, Cija (pronounced kia) puts to rest the idea that course work is for men. Her work ethic and willingness to do anything asked has made her a staple in our work days, completing tasks faster than they can be planned. With a positive attitude and a weird sense of humor, she is easily the most likeable human being on the team. In case you are wondering, that is not her in the photo. She is not a cat. She is a human. A human who owns that cat. 


Corey Markee

Corey told us he was a package deal with Brandon this year… so we let Brandon on the team again. Common amongst Mott and other local courses, you can catch him outthrowing nearly every other person in his division and friend group. He is kind to everyone he comes in contact with, and wants to take on running a league and growing the disc golf community even more. Please don’t hesitate to say hi to him as you hear his disc flying by at Mach 7. 


Dan Frost

A 22 year veteran to our sport, you can find Dan carving up fairways in the most interesting ways imaginable. Forehand rollers are his specialty, and in the places you least expect them. You can also find him throwing a CE Valkyrie in the winter, despite it being his favorite disc. This exemplifies Dan though, live with no fear. He is a part of the wonderful group of people from Lapeer amongst the disc golf community we met after Cramton was completed. We are lucky to have him on the team. 


Darian Ott

Darian Ott is smart enough to have memorized pi out to like 150 digits. Not only does he know this, but he is launching a search engine optimization business soon as well. What is he doing with a bunch of silly people like us? Spreading the good word of disc golf to all who he meets. A true class act while still throwing and putting with gyro discs, he is looking forward to tearing up the courses while he travels Europe this year. Another team member we are lucky to have! 


David Munro

David does everything. Professional rocket leaguer, father of 73 children, software engineer, and nicest person on the planet. David always seeks to do more for those around him and always offers his help whenever he can… as long as we feed the small army in the school bus that comes with him. It is said that the kids run rocket league tournaments against David to compete for the biggest bed in the house. All jokes aside, David is the nicest person of all time and I aspire to be like him. He is pretty good at disc golf too, I guess. 


Derek Sova

Derek is a workhorse in all aspects of his life. Whether he is disc golfing, helping us maintain and install courses, playing and teaching the game, speedrunning 20 year old Mega Man videogames, or building servers for work, he gives everything his all. On weekends, you can find him slowly and secretly stealing all of the crab rangoons out of Brent’s fully stocked rangoon freezer at his house. In 2024, Derek is going to try and learn to 360 drive, drawing from his skateboarding skills of yesteryear. He will certainly complain about how it is negatively impacting his knees the entire time. 


Doug Kyes

Doug probably services a beverage system at a local bar near you... which has me personally paranoid about my choices of places to drink now. He found disc golf 3 years ago, and has only missed 6 days of playing in total since then. He really wants to know, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?  He will be at Ledgestone again this year, and Am3 better look out. Also, you can probably find him at the best barcade that Peoria, IL has to offer. 

Edward Swindell

 Ed is a very casual disc golfer, but a very professional worker. He only has one leg, but that doesn’t stop him from working twice as hard as everyone around him with two. He owns every tool known to mankind, and is willing to lend a hand or expertise whenever we need it. He is the one who babysat the wasps nest on hole 4 at Cramton and continually made sure he was trying solutions until the players were safe. Do Brent and Dean drive him insane by only giving him half the details, and almost no heads up? Yes, but he still lets us store equipment at his house. Ed exemplifies that our club is more about working and garnering community more than just a disc club, and we’re lucky to have him


Elaine McCarthy

Elaine has been making cupcakes since she was 3 years old, and has been playing disc golf for 3 years. After her 21st birthday this year, she hopes to reach a rating of 725 and improve her putting. IN her short stint in the sport she has played over 200 courses, but has dreams of playing across Scandinavia. When not tossing friz she is researching her genealogy, uncovering fun facts like her ancestors on the Mayflower, and the fact that some of her lineage were burned for being witches... Always trying to make others around her have a better experience, and increase their blood sugar, she is a great addition to the team, we are lucky to have her!


Eric Groat

When Eric applied for the team I didn’t know him at that point, but we accepted him with open arms and he paid it back tenfold immediately. He does physical work for a living, and comes armed with a truck and any tool you could ever need. In a single month, he volunteered over 35 hours! He has never tried crab rangoon, though, so we still don’t know if we can trust him or not… but volunteering helps. All jokes aside, he immediately felt like family, and we are incredibly lucky to have him. Projects are easier when everyone chips in, and we know that we can consistently count on him, and that is invaluable. 


Eric Heaslip

Has Eric been secretly living in Dean’s basement without him knowing? This remains to be known, but we are skeptical. Eric is a veteran of the sport who learned from Discraft’s own legend, Mark Ellis. What that means is, yes, he throws forehands on backhand holes. When Eric dies, he wants his ashes mixed with a tree and planted on a course so that in the afterlife he is the victim to the havoc he reaps on his favorite wooded and technical courses. After the senseless harassment about him printing his cards for TCGs, he has finally obtained a real deck. See you in the forest little fella! 


Jared Smith

Jared is a man of few words, but when he chooses to speak, it is only facts and hard truths; no silliness allowed. As a 17 year veteran of our sport, he does the most he can to support newer players. I don’t think I have ever played a round with him where he didn’t try and help someone with one aspect of their game or another. Unfortunately, grip equipment does not make a bag that can carry the amount of Raptors that he would like to carry for a round. If he could become a disc, he wants to be Brent Guest’s disc to make sure he has an extended longevity from never hitting the basket. Like I said, facts only out of this guy. 


Jenny Groat

Jenny is a fun laid back girl whose disc golf philosophy is don't hate the player or the game....just the trees.  Jenny's 2024 goals are enjoying the game and growing the sport.  She loves her doubles rounds especially with her love Eric Mountain man Groat as a partner!  Besides Eric the people the hold her heart are Drew Barrymore and Harry Potter.  But, don't come at her with any Olaf noise...she's not about that Frozen life or a frozen course!



Jeremy Pate

 Jeremy does his best to make his way in this world, between pursuing his career with Swank Builders to finding the woman of his dreams, you know, it's kinda hard just to get along today. While everyone is striving for popularity, our subject isn't cool, but he fakes it anyways. I have never had a bad round with Jeremy, he may not have a clue, and he may not have style, but everything he lacks, well, he makes up in denial. An avid collector of tattoos, of getting ink done, he asked for a 13 but they drew a 31.  When we are searching for people to join the team, we use Jeremy as the rubric; a hard worker, a good person, a great supporter of friends and family. He is going to give his all in every situation, but hey, at least you'll know you can always go on ricki lake.


Jessica Westman

Jessica is probably the physical embodiment of everything that Above Par stands for. No matter how much she helps, she is constantly trying to figure out how she can help more. She is truly a darling of the disc golf community and we are so lucky to have her. Holly Woods is her favorite course, and fortunately for us, she can help with all the amazing work that Mario and Chris have been completing out there to make it even better! Her favorite disc is an MVP Wave, and considering that is also the person writing this’ favorite disc, I have to say she has impeccable taste. She wants everyone to know that loving yourself isn’t selfish, it is necessary! 


Jim Campbell

Jimothy, the beauty of Hole 17 of Goldenrod. Jim once got in trouble while packaging brake rotors for throwing them like a disc and having them fly through the wall. Some say that the rotor is still flying to this day… He has never had a goon, but honestly after the rotor incident, they may make him too powerful. Next year he is playing a course in Alaska to try and check off another of the 50 states that he has played in. If he eats a goon he can probably throw a disc from Michigan and catch it when the plane lands. He kind of has to, for science, ya know? 


Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams is one of the most humble humans I have ever met, and is constantly striving to be better and give back. He can throw farther than Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite, but is nicer than any other person on the course. Not to mention, have you  seen his follow flight Tik Toks? They are genuinely amazing. Outside of this, his occupation consists of helping those who are struggling through addiction, and in between that he makes time to help out on all of our projects. How can he be this kind, handsome and talented? I don’t know, doesn’t feel fair honestly…


Josh Guest

Father of 4, and the second best looking son in the family, Josh can be found working with youth at Emmanuel Baptist Church when not working 70 hour weeks at GM. Between trying to convince Aidan to play more often and trying to find time to squeeze in rounds, he has always been able to make time for volunteering on the courses. We cannot wait to see how his insight and resourcefulness translates to the team this year. #middlechildrenarebest


Kaitlyn Geschke

As our most enthusiastic team member, you can count on Kaitlyn to either show up for a work day, or apologize 100 times and send you proof of her being busy. When she's not volunteering on the course, or playing women's events, you can find her making some cool designs and selling them for way to cheap on her Facebook. So give her page a follow, buy a head band, and welcome her to the 2024 team!


Kevin Benjamin

You have probably seen Kevin around at disc golf events, or running leagues. As another staple in the community, he was a no-brainer. He runs a traveling league, gets in rounds with friends often, and has immediately stepped up in helping to try and improve courses around him. If he was to be spiritually entombed in a disc, he was very specific that it would be the outer rim of an Axiom Atom. Don’t worry, buddy, I putt with those, so you are safe. 

Kyle Reed

 Kyle is new to the club this year, but has been playing disc golf for over 10 years.  He has spent a lot of time perfecting fat guy form and yet, still somehow manages to hit first available.  He's passionate about growing the sport and making it more accessible locally.  Kyle has consistently been identifying potential properties and putting together proposals over the years, and has worked with UDisc on data analysis and putting together local statistics and usage projections for new courses.  We look forward seeing him apply his skill set with Above Par and be a positive influence for change in the surrounding communities.

Kyle Smith

 When Kyle isn't putting his life on the line for our freedom, he is always at Goldenrod trying to help make the place better. Sometimes, that involves moving sticks and picking up trash, other times that means grabbing chain falls to rescue a cement buggy, other times it means grabbing his tractor and helping spread materials around the property. We appreciate you protecting the country, but we cant wait for you to be back, stay safe bud!


Kyle Spencer

I met Kyle as Zap Brannigan at a Halloween party a few years ago. Fast forward to last year, and I met him as a friend of two other teammates. Small world. Kyle is hilarious, kind, throws incredibly far, and will beat you with like two discs only. Not only this, but he is notorious for sinking circle three putts to ruin the one leg up you thought you got on him. He suggested a rangoon was good enough that we drive all the way to Warren to check it out, so expect an in depth review from Brent in the near future. He also believes mid ranges are useless unless you throw 400 feet with a driver (guess I will just remove those from my bag real quick…). We are happy to have him on our team, and love that he already helped us on Otterburn disc golf course, the closest to his home. 


Lincoln Zuwala

I genuinely wish that I had as good of a head on my shoulders at 16 years old as Lincoln does. Every time I play disc golf with him he gets better, but he is incredibly genuine and kind to boot. He was helping on work days before he even knew being on the team was a possibility, but that is exactly why we knew he would be a perfect fit. He lives with integrity, through and through, and we are grateful that his parents let him be on a team full of grown adults. Hopefully he remembers the club with all the silly crab rangoon memes when he is on tour and shredding in a few years. 


Link Behrends

Link is one of our young team members and has such a good head on his shoulders. His dad named him after Link from Legend of Zelda, so you already know he is an epic guy. 10/10 meme quality. He is another rising talent in our sport that has a passion for making sure that the community develops with the quantity of new players coming into our sport, and we appreciate that. In his time between playing disc golf and gaming, he can be found detasseling corn and removing weeds at local farms to earn extra money to fund his other hobbies. 


Lucas Landrum

Lucas Landrum is one of the nicest human beings you could ever meet. A 21 year veteran to our sport, he is shooting to be above 900 rated, but he is a 1500 rated human. Need some Pepsi? He also has you covered. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Lucas thinks that it depends on how you cut it. Always glass half full with this gentleman. His favorite disc is a circa 2010 Discraft Force. He lost a yellow one at Torzewski; if you have it, please return it, I watched him shed tears over the loss. If not, you can make it up to him with some meatloaf and broccoli, extra butter and love please. 

Mario Ramirez

 Just know that is Rosco isn't with Mario, then Mario could be happier. Always down for a casual round or a sanctioned event, Mario is a gift to any card he graces. He is spear heading the revamping at Hollywoods, and we are lucky to have him at the helm. The delay in response to something being needed can be measured in nanoseconds, before the chat has time to figure out the best time to address an issue on the course, Mario is sending selfies with his chainsaw. Thank you for everything you do and will do.


Melissa Trombley

 Melissa not only helps on the course, she's also helping in the office as a social worker!   Her current pdga is 761, she's been tossing frisbees for three and a half years, and she has been to 100 courses.  If she's missing, check out Fairway to Heaven. She's probably there or dreaming she were!  However,  if it's an all exclusive paid trip, she's in Europe playing disc golf. She enjoys tie dyeing, hanging with her friends,  and Matthew Perry is the one famous person she would most want to play a round with! Don't buy her crab rangoons; she's just not a fan, but you could make nice and gift her a Dynamic Disc Vandal, her favorite disc.  One thing she wants to improve on is distance with her forehand.  She also believes happiness is a basic right, and she knows a lot about craft beer.  Whenever she’s not playing with her discing bff Sydney, she’s always at a course with friends and she has a group called the Harambaes!   This consists of four ladies who all live for that gorilla!

Nate Holstege

Nate and his wonderful wife are expecting a baby girl this year. I would say she is a shoe in for the team, but don’t tell her, we want her to earn it. No joke, he might put a disc in her hand the second she is born, to his wife’s dismay. Need your disc dyed? Nate has it. Need a custom shirt? Nate has it. Need a beer after a rough day? Nate not only has it, but has an open ear as well. Genuinely such a great human being, and we are lucky to have him on our team. If he starts throwing straight instead of up, you better look out Chris Wong!


Nate Ross

I am confident in saying that Cramton would not have been possible without Nate. From the physical dragging of rocks or helping plan or working with the gas station to get discs in there, he has been instrumental in developing Lapeer's growing disc golf scene. If we had 3 more Nate's, Cramton would have been done in 6 hours. Thank you for everything you have done, and we know the sky is the limit!


Nicole Patterson

 Where did Nicole go? She was just here, we were in the middle of a round? There she is. Hunting plants 50 yards away. The nicest person you'll meet, she's not avoiding you to be rude, she just loves nature and will do anything to experience it fully. When working on courses, we expected her to help move some branches and helping us not lose things, we didn't expect half of our day to be yelling at her for dragging 60% of a tree into the woods. She is a trooper, she is our trooper. Don't try to take her, she's ours.

Paige Grimmer

Paige has a few loves that include disc golf, her kiddos, her Buzz, traveling, music, and I know I'm forgetting someone....oh yeah, her Travis! If she isn't working, she's at a wresting or soccer meet, or a football or baseball game, or at a course cleaning it up or cleaning up her competition 😉. Paige has a 784 rating with seven career wins, and she's only been tossing less than four years! Her personality is larger than life, and you will enjoy your time on a course with her or working alongside her. If she could play a round with anyone famous, it would be "not famous to everyone else, but I'd play a round with my dad. Used to play object Frisbee golf as a child with him and never would have imagined I would disc golf now. "
Holly Woods is her favorite place to toss, and when she's craving Rangoons, she goes to Mandarin House and lets Travis pay 😉


Rickey Garza

Do we have three Garzas on our team? Yes. Are any of them related? I don’t think so, but if we have to pick favorites, I can’t. However, Ricky shreds on and off the course. Only playing for three years and is 945 rated, and assisted in the basket replacement at Saint Charles disc golf course. He elevates those around him, and no matter what life throws at him, continues to see the bright side of things. Plus, he has the best mustache on our entire team, and it isn’t even close. Seriously, only 3 people in the world could look that good in a mustache, and Ricky Garza is two of them. He was recently educated on what a glizzy is, and we all know how life changing that name was for us. 


Ryan Tikey

 A staple in the Wickes Woods community, Tikey has been a force to be reckoned with in the tri city area for the past few years, with his awesome sidekick Chelsea, he is a joy at TD central or on a card.  We have big plans for the tri city area and am lucky to have Tikey on our side. 

Sam Krueger

 Is it the hair? Is it the truck? I can't pinpoint what makes Sam such a unique person, but to say he is beloved by all is an understatement. The first time we met it took a few holes for me to realize just how truly weird he was, but in the best way. His quirky sense of humor and inability to say no makes him uniquely ideal for the team. Thanks for always willing to do what it takes to reach the finish line, even if that means loading your mini Isuzu truck 10 feet tall with branches and driving blindly through a park...

Sarah McCarthy

When not trimming courses, you can find Sarah trimming hair at her day job as a cosmetologist. With 2 years under her belt she has played more than 100 courses! Her dream card for a tournament is Ohn Scoggins and Dwayne the Rock Johnson at the Hawaii Country Club, and you cannot convince her this isn't a realistic goal... With goals of volunteering as much as possible and pursuing the increasing in size and value of women's events, she will be over 600 rated this year and plans to work on fairway hits. Lapeer is better for her involvement in the community, and we are lucky to have her on the roster. 


Sydney Balch

Sydney began disc golf like many, during covid.   Her pdga rating is 768, and she wants it to keep going upward. She won the Michigan Women's Series for the FA3 division and attended four of the six events!  She is full of passion, her personality is as bright as the sun, and she is currently in an accelerated nursing program at Oakland University. In May of 2025, she will be a registered nurse! If she could travel anywhere in the world to toss frisbees, it would be Japan and not with just anyone, but with Bill Nye, the Science Guy!  Some of her passions are keeping our courses and earth clean, Kyle, of course,  her four-legged baby, Stella, discing, as well as her cricut.  If you know, you know ;). Kristen Tattar is her favorite player, and her celebrity crush is Young Gravy....she has a thing for tall blonde dudes with curly hair 😉😆😀! She loves Aldis, crocs, helping others, and her and Kyle are known as the "couple with the dog,". Are you about to be on her card for a tournament? Get ready for laughs, friendly banter, and some competition!!


Tito Fifield

Tito is a stand up guy. Need him to fix literally anything? He has knowledge and will offer a helping hand and the shirt off of his back if that is what you need. I’m not sure how he fits as much love, tools, and 200 MVP Glitches that he carries around in a riced out Ford Fiesta, but he makes it work. You are a fool if you do not associate yourself with this wonderful human being. Find him throwing trick shots 400 feet on almost any course, with his signature paint job on his car, and the glitch to match. 


Travis Garner

Travis Garner is a veteran and darling to our sport. He is originally from Holly and well knit into the community. We are lucky to have him. His collection of hats and metal t-shirts is certainly unmatched by any other mortal because it is simply not possible. Him and his wonderful girlfriend Paige are holding it down in the Tri Cities these days, and we are looking forward to the expansion opportunities in that area. Look out Tri Cities, this man is dedicated, hardworking, and way too handsome. 

Vince Jackson

I would not be surprised if in the next 2 years Vince had a tattoo that says Goldenrod DGC on his body. When it comes to scheduling labor and getting it done at the course, Vince refuses to say no. After working hard all week, Vince's form of relaxation is throwing a round, then digging holes for 3 hours. He is a blessing to this team, a no brainer to bring back for a second year.  

Zach Fish

Zach Fish is one of the folks who was involved in installing the course in Vassar. We love anyone who is elevating the disc golf community, and when like minded and motivated people come together, they are greater than the sum of the parts. Some wise words from Zach: “Happiness is like a surprise party; you don't always know when it'll happen, and sometimes you have to help plan it yourself. But everyone deserves a shot at partying now and then!” 


Zanon Ross

Zanon is the sibling of one of the team captains, and wanted to get involved. He has been playing the sport casually for around 10 years. He was raised in a normal American household, despite being consistently mistaken for someone who has exited the Amish lifestyle. His favorite disc is the Axiom Crave, and he has been putting in work on his backhand to accompany his forehand skills. He believes that landing on the top of the basket should count. That is how you tell a story without telling us exactly what happened…