2024 Projects

Take a minute and review what courses we are involved with, being updated as we add projects!


Brighton Rec (Chilson Woods) DGC

Having such a great group of locals, this course was a no brainer for us to take on our plate. A true gem in the woods, and a favorite of the legendary Mark Ellis, this course needed some love. With overgrowth, downed trees, treacherous paths, and lacking tee pads, there were tons of small adjustments that would yield huge benefits. We cannot wait to see what this course looks like at the end of 2024!


Cramton Park DGC

As a fresh install in 2023, this was one our favorite projects throughout entire year. From the planning period in March, to Approval in June, to a grand opening in September, this course proved to be a unique challenge with a stellar result. We cannot thank the City of Lapeer, their wonderful parks department, and most of all, Marlaina Swindell for their undying support throughout the project. With huge plans on the horizon, this proof of concept allowed us to show the community what disc golf can be.

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Fitzgerald Park DGC

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Goldenrod DGC

Our first endeavor and the reason we exist... In 2020, this course was overgrown and under loved. With the layout of a top level park course, the rubber tee pads and baskets from 2003 weren't doing it justice. Through running events, gaining sponsors, and 2400 hours of volunteer labor, this course is a gem of the mid Michigan disc golf scene.

Grand Blanc (Perry/Mcgrath Park) DGC

Always behind the scenes but rarely behind the ball, we have been in close coordination with Grand Blanc Township regarding our plans for the property of this historic building.  By installing a 9 hole disc golf course, we aim to improve the traffic and usefulness of this park.


Hollywoods DGC

One of the most used courses in the state, Hollywoods has long needed a facelift. Between the 2 A Tiers ran here a year and the multiple leagues, this course deserves updates often. We have plans to rectify issues that been lingering for years but have never been addressed. Some layout alterations have already been completed, and more are on their way. With Mario and Chris Wood at the helm, this course will be well loved for years to come. 

Kitson DGC

The YMCA has always been a staple in the Flushing area as a safe place for people to interact, and we can't wait to make the disc golf course a more viable part of that solution. They already do so much to the make the world a better place, the least we can do is help develop the disc golf course into something worth heavier traffic. From tee pads to layout changes, 2024 is going to be huge for the YMCA and we're lucky to be a part of it.

Linden County Park DGC


Otterburn DGC


Silver Lake Park DGC


Sleepy Hollow DGC


Taymouth Park DGC


Torzewski DGC